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360 Camera Statistics and Best Buy 2024

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360 Camera Statistic: The increasing popularity of influencers and VR video gaming, as well 360 Camera and creating content, is a reason why the two are similar. With a 360-degree camera,Users can take larger photos or videos without moving the camera. These cameras can do the same thing as a CCTV camera, which captures the entire scene.

The market is predicted by analysts to reach $8 billion within a short period of time due to the increasing demand. Let’s look at the meaning of this 360-camera statistic about the size of the market over the next decade.

Editor’s Choice

  • Around 2022-2032 is the period.63% of the marketIt is expected that a single camera with a primary lens will capture the image.
  • Wireless is not as efficient as wired360-degree camerasBetween 2022 and 2032, the demand for cameras is expected to increase. Both types of camera are in high demand during the forecasted time period.
  • The 360-degree Camera Market is expected to reach a value of USD.$1,072/5 Million, which is expected by 2028 to reach $4.343 million at a 25.66% CAGR.
  • 360 Camera Statistics has found that this camera can capture a wide range of images.5x more bandwidth compared to normal cameras
  • Titan is currently the most expensive automobile. 360-degree cameras cost around $15,278.

What is a 360 Camera?

A 360-degree camera is a camera that can simultaneously shoot in 360 degrees. This camera is famous for its virtual reality applications. The Insta360 X3 has two lenses over 180°, which is half of 360°. This technique allows you to capture high-quality videos or photos. 360 camera is able to record photos and videos so that you feel like you are actually there.

General 360 Camera Statistics

  • The 360-degree camera market was valued at $1.072/5 millions in 2022. This is expected to increase to $4,343million by 2028, at a CAGR 25.66%.
  • Around 63% of the market will be captured between 2022 and 2032 by a single lens camera.
  • 360 Camera Statistics has found that this camera can capture five times more bandwidth than a normal camera.
  • According to 360 Camera Statistics, between 2023-2029, the demand in Asia Pacific for the same is expected rise at a rate of 18.23% CAGR.
  • The fastest-growing segment in the 360 camera segment is wired type.

Market Size of 360 Cameras by Connectivity Type


Above is a look at 360 Camera marketIn comparison to wireless 360-degree cameras, wired 360 degree cameras will be in greater demand between 2022 and 2032. Both types of cameras will be in demand over the forecasted period.

The market for 360° cameras has grown significantly in recent years due to technological advances and increased demand in various sectors. This analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the current market, trends and future projections.

Market Overview

360-degree cameras are also known as omnidirectional or panoramic cameras. They capture a 360 degree field of view. These cameras are used increasingly in various applications including virtual reality (VR), tourism, events, real estate and security.

Market Size and Forecasts

The global market for 360° cameras is growing rapidly. In 2023, it was estimated that the market would be worth USD 2 billion. The market is expected to grow at around a 25% compound annual growth rate over the next five-year period, reaching USD 6 billion in 2028.

Key Drivers

This growth is a result of several factors:

  • Virtual Reality (VR), an Increased Use:As VR technology becomes accessible, the demand to create 360-degree content is growing.
  • Growth in Real Estate and TourismVirtual tours powered by 360-degree photographs are becoming increasingly popular in the real estate and tourism industry.
  • Advances in TechnologyThese cameras are more appealing because of improvements in camera technology such as higher resolutions and better stitching software.
  • Expanded application in security and surveillance:These cameras are useful for security applications because they provide a wide-angle view.

Market Segmentation

By Type

  • Single Lens Cameras:Affordable and user-friendly for consumers and small businesses.
  • Multi-Lens Cameras:Professionals in industries such as filmmaking and broadcasting use these for their higher quality.

By Application

  • Entertainment and MediaCreate immersive content for movies, games, or live events.
  • Real Estate:Virtual tours of property
  • Tourism:Virtual tours of destinations, attractions and more.
  • Security:Surveillance is carried out in public places, business premises, and at homes.

Regional Analysis

The market is divided into North America (North America), Europe (Europe), Asia-Pacific (Asia-Pacific) and the Rest of the World.

  • North AmericaThe market is currently leading due to the high adoption of technology and the presence of key players.
  • Europe:Use in media and real estate is increasing, and this shows a significant growth.
  • Asia-Pacific:China and India are expected to experience the fastest growth due to their increasing technology adoption.

Competitive Landscape

The 360-degree market is moderately competitive, with a mix between established players and newcomers. GoPro is a key player, as are Ricoh, Samsung, Insta360, and Samsung. These companies are focused on innovation, mergers and partnerships to increase their market presence.

Recent Developments

  • Product LaunchesCompanies are constantly introducing new models that have advanced features, such as better resolution and connectivity.
  • Strategic PartnershipsIntegration of solutions is often achieved through partnerships between camera manufacturers, software providers and integrators.

Challenges and Opportunities


  • High production costs:Cameras with advanced features tend to be more expensive, which can limit market growth.
  • Technological Complexity:The need for specialized editing and viewing software can be a barrier.


  • Integration with Social MediaAs social platforms support 360-degree content the opportunities for consumer engagement will increase.
  • Advancements in AR & VR:The continued development of AR and VR technologies opens up new possibilities for content.

Future Trends

  • Artificial Intelligence:AI integration for automated content editing and enhancement.
  • Increased ResolutionCameras with higher resolution for better detail.
  • 5G Connectivity:Live streaming will be enhanced by faster data transfer speeds.

The Best 360 Degree Cameras to Buy

#1. Rylo 360


Product Overview

  • The Rylo 360, a compact camera with dual lenses that captures 360° videos and photos.
  • Rylo Inc. developed it, a company that is known for its innovations in camera technology.

Key Features

  • 360-Degree Capture:Dual 208-degree wide-angle lenses allow for 360-degree records.
  • Resolution:Video and still images in high-quality 5.8K.
  • Image Stabilization:Advanced stabilization for smooth footage and reduced camera shake.
  • Compact DesignIt is compact, lightweight, and portable, making it perfect for travel and adventure photography.
  • Mobile App Integration:The camera comes with an easy-to-use app that allows users to edit videos and share content.

#2. GoPro Max


Product Overview

  • Type:The GoPro Max camera is a versatile action cam designed to capture 360° videos and traditional GoPro videos.
  • Target Market:Aimed at adventurers, vloggers and content creators who are looking for immersive footage and high quality action shots.
  • Design:Built to withstand extreme conditions and environments, this robust and waterproof product is built to withstand extreme environments.

Key Features

  • 360-Degree Capture:Dual lenses enable 360-degree video recording in 5.6K resolution. This provides immersive and detailed footage.
  • Single-Lens Mode:It can also be used to capture high-quality photos and videos using a traditional single-lens HERO.
  • Max HyperSmoothAdvanced image stabilization ensures smooth, steady footage in various activities.
  • Max TimeWarpTime-lapse videos can be recorded in 360-degree format. This adds a dynamic, creative element to time-lapse photography.
  • PowerPano:Take panoramic photos without distortion. Ideal for landscapes and group pictures.
  • Waterproof DesignSuitable for underwater adventures up to 16 feet (5 m) without needing additional housing.
  • Touch ScreenThe intuitive touch screen allows for quick and easy adjustments to settings and playback.
  • Voice ControlVoice commands enhance the ease of use when performing activities.
  • Digital Lenses:The digital lens offers multiple options for different perspectives including Narrow, Linear Wide, Max SuperView, and Wide.
  • Live StreamingIt is capable of streaming live in 1080p and is ideal for social media engagement.
  • Built-in Mounting:The mounting fingers are built-in and can be folded to attach quickly and easily to a wide range of accessories and mounts.
  • 360-Degree Audio:Six microphones provide a realistic 360-degree audio experience, enhancing the overall video experience.
  • Reframe:The GoPro app lets users easily convert 360-degree footage to traditional video formats.

#3. Insta360 one RS


Product Overview

  • Type:The Insta360 One RS action camera is known for its versatility, high-quality images and modular design.
  • Target Market:The X-Treme is designed for content creators, adventurers, and professionals looking for flexibility and performance under a variety of filming situations.
  • Modularity:Unique modular design allows for quick and easy switching between lenses modules to suit different shooting needs.

Key Features

  • Interchangeable lensesFeatures a variety of interchangeable modules, including a 4-K wide-angle and 1-inch wide angle lens co-engineered in collaboration with Leica.
  • Resolution and Frame RateThe 360-degree lens allows for up to 6K video recording and the 4K wide angle module can capture up to 5.3K. High frame rates to create smooth slow-motion footage.
  • FlowState Stabilization:FlowState’s advanced stabilization technology delivers gimbal-like smoothness, without the need for external stabilisers.
  • Waterproof DesignThe camera’s core body is waterproof. Additional lens guards can be purchased for underwater shooting.
  • Voice ControlAllows hands-free operation, improving usability during high-energy activities.
  • Active HDR mode:The 4K wide-angle module’s HDR mode helps capture natural lighting and colors in dynamic scenes.
  • Bullet Time EffectBullet time creates dramatic slow motion effects around the subject.
  • Invisible Selfie Stick:The 360-degree Module makes the selfie stick invisible in videos and pictures, creating an effect of a flying camcorder.
  • Quick Editing Software Insta360’s app provides powerful, user-friendly editing tools, enabling quick and creative edits.
  • MultiView FeatureMultiView allows you to record simultaneously from two different angles. Ideal for vlogging, reaction shots and vlogging.
  • Color Plus Technology:Enhances colors and lighting automatically in videos to create vibrant and realistic results.
  • Point to Track and Deep TrackAdvanced tracking technology keeps subjects in focus during fast-paced action.
  • Rugged BuildDurable design that can withstand harsh environments and conditions.

#4. Trisio Lite 2


Product Overview

  • Type:The Trisio Lite 2 360-degree camera is designed primarily for the creation of virtual tours and real estate photography.
  • Target Market:Aimed at realty professionals, interior designers and virtual tour creators who are looking for high-quality, easy to use 360-degree imaging solutions.
  • Design:Compact and portable, the camera focuses on simplicity and effectiveness in capturing panoramic images with high resolution.

Key Features

  • Single-Lens panoramic capture:The 360-degree camera features a single 8K lens that simplifies the process of taking 360-degree photos.
  • High ResolutionThis software captures images in high resolution, resulting in clear and detailed panoramas that are ideal for professional purposes.
  • HDR Image:Supports High-Dynamic Range (HDR), which enhances photo quality in different lighting conditions.
  • Easy OperationIt is designed for ease of operation and simple operation, making it easy to use even for those who are new to 360-degree imaging.
  • Portable Design:The small size and lightweight make it a highly portable gun that is ideal for shooting on the go.
  • Automated Stitching software:The software automatically stitches together images, reducing the time and effort required for post-processing.
  • Remote Control:The camera can be controlled remotely using a smartphone application, which allows for greater flexibility and convenience when capturing images.
  • Virtual Tour CreationCompatible with many virtual tour software programs.
  • Long Battery LifeThe battery is long-lasting and suitable for extended shooting sessions.
  • Storage:Supports external storage, ensuring plenty of space for high-resolution photos.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity:Includes Wi-Fi functionality to facilitate the transfer of images as well as remote operation.

#5. Insta360 One RS


Product Overview

  • Type:The Insta360 One RS, an innovative modular action camera, is designed to meet a wide range filming needs.
  • Target Market:Aimed at adventurers, vloggers and professional content creators that require flexibility and high quality output.
  • Modularity:Its unique modular design allows users to choose from a variety of camera modules, which will give them a diverse shooting experience.

Key Features

  • Interchangeable Lens Modules:Features a variety of lens modules such as a 4K Boost Lens standard, a 1 inch Wide Angle Lens that was co-engineered in conjunction with Leica and a panoramic 360-degree lens.
  • 4K Boost Lens:It offers up to 4K video recording at 60fps, with FlowState stabilization.
  • Wide Angle Lens 1 InchThe larger sensor delivers superior image quality, developed in collaboration with Leica. It is ideal for low light environments and detailed photography.
  • 360-Degree Lens:Captures immersive 360° footage with a 5.7K Resolution, suitable for VR and panoramic shots.
  • FlowState Stabilization:Even in the most action-packed situations, advanced stabilization technology will ensure a smooth and steady video.
  • Active HDR mode:Active HDR mode balances highlights and shadows, especially in dynamic environments.
  • Rugged and waterproof:The core unit is waterproof, and with the appropriate lens module and casing, it can be utilized for underwater filming.
  • AI Editing:The Insta360 app uses AI to offer quick and smart editing features, including automatic highlight reels and subject tracking.
  • Point to Track Deep Track 2.0:The sophisticated subject-tracking technology keeps the focus on moving subjects effortlessly.
  • Quick Reader OptionFast transfer allows you to quickly send footage to your phone or other device.
  • Versatile Mounting and Accessory:Compatible with a variety of mounts and other accessories, increasing its utility in different shooting scenarios.
  • Invisible Selfie Stick Mode:The selfie stick is invisible in the final video when using the 360-degree camera. This creates a floating camera effect.
  • Voice ControlVoice command is available to control activities without using your hands.


According to the statistics above, 360 Cameras are the most recent technology and offer a unique approach to photography. Every 360 Camera comes with two lenses over 180° that record from both sides providing wider images in a single frame. These cameras offer high resolution and low light performance with a high dynamic range.

These cameras are not just CCTV cameras, but also a tool to enhance your video and photography skills. If you’re an influencer or creator on digital platforms, you should give it a go!


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