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Beats Fit Pro 2 features I’d like to see

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Key Takeaways

  • Beats Fit Pro 2 has not yet been officially released. Rumors suggest that the next generation Beats Fit Pro could be available this year.
  • Apple’s H2 chips, among other things, is responsible for a number of the new features we expect from the next headphones.
  • Some of the potential improvements include wireless charging, a neutral sound profile, a higher IP rating, an improved Bluetooth range and better Android support.

After years of being in a state of limbo BeatsIn the 2020s, Beats headphones were back with a new catalog and the power behind Apple’s sound engineering and hardware. Beats headphones became very popular, and people forgot about their bad sound quality.

The Beats Fit Pro is one of the devices that has been responsible for this wonderful redemption arc. In our review we called them the “AirPods proThe earbuds are perfect for exercising, as they combine great sound with a decent, stable and comfortable fit. Apple’s H1 chip adds to the Apple magic, making these earbuds among the best. Best workout headphonesYou can buy.

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Beats Fit Pro: “AirPods Pro for workouts”

What do you end up with when you cross Beats Studio Buds & Powerbeats pro? No, it isn’t the beginning of an awful joke. It is the beginning to some great earbuds.

It’s been over two years since these wireless buds were released, and they are starting to show their age. These are still great earbuds, with excellent battery life and noise-cancelling. Spatial AudioThe unmatched fit ensures comfort and stabilty even during the most intense of workouts. The competition has shown that they aren’t as dominant as they used to be when they first came out two years ago.

We have a lot of new software options to choose from. Not only has hardware improved over the years but also software. Apple is expected to release the Beats Fit Pro 2 in this year, despite not having made any official announcements. In that light, here are the improvements we would like to see in the next-generation Beats Fit Pro 2 headphones.

Transparency mode with adaptive transparency

The transparency mode of the Beats Fit Pro is very useful and works well, but Apple has introduced the AirPods Pro 2nd generation with H2 chipNothing can compete with Adaptive Transparency Mode. The regular transparency mode simply passes on the sounds around you. The Adaptive Transparency mode mutes unwanted sounds such as cars or random noises.

The new Adaptive Transparency Mode would be a great addition to the second-generation Beats Fit Pro. It is great for both commuting as well as working out. It would also enhance the Fit Pro’s reputation as a great choice for both working out and casual listeners.

Beats Fit Pro photo 8Wireless Charging

Even though Beat Fit Pro headphones have a great battery life of six hours with active sound cancellation on and an additional 18 hours using the case, it is still necessary to charge them periodically. The wired charging speed is great – you can get an hour of listening after just five minutes.

Fit Pros do not have wireless charging, which is a great feature, especially for small wireless buds. It would be fantastic if the second-generation included the option to wirelessly charge the buds’ cases, maybe even with Apple’s MagSafeIncluded to demonstrate its magnetic prowess. You could simply place them on the wireless charger so they are ready for your run, without all those pesky cables.

More neutral sound profile with custom sound EQ

Beats headphones were known for years as being extremely bassy, but not in a good sense. The headphones were muddy, lacking in detail, and generally terrible to listen to. They were great as a fashion accessory.

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Fortunately, this time has passed. The Beats Fit Pro now comes with a very pleasing sound curve. Pleasant doesn’t necessarily mean natural. The headphones still have a lot of bass, which is not surprising. It’s not the volume that matters when you’re working out. It’s more the sound curve, because it’s this frequency that gives the energy for lifting weights or running another mile. For louder environments, a more neutral sound profile works better. Bass is generally easier to discern than detailed trebles.

A more neutral sound profile is appreciated when listening at home. It could be in the form of a “natural sound profile” in an Equalizer, something that was also missing from the Fit Pros’ first generation.

Beats Fit Pro photo 9


Higher IP rating

It’s not always possible to exercise outside when the weather, the sun, and the general day are nice. You need to be prepared, but so should your workout buddies.

The Beats Fit pro Come with an IPX4 rating of water resistance. This means that they can withstand sweat from a hard workout or a light drizzle, but heavy rainfall might be too much for them. What’s more, the X means there is no dust resistance, so if your buds accidentally fall into mud, you’re out of luck.

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A higher dust and waterproof protection certification would be a great addition to the next generation Beats Fit Pros. Apple could also introduce an IP67 rating. An IP54 rating is the minimum requirement for high-end workout headphones today, providing a little dust protection.

Beats Fit Pro photo 3


Bluetooth range is improved

One of the major flaws we found in our Beats Fit Pro test was their Bluetooth range. It is surprising that they struggle to stay connected, even though they are Bluetooth 5.0. Even moving into another room caused frequent drops in the connection or stutters.

So, getting the Bluetooth range of the Beats Fit Pro 2 extended should be one of the priorities for Apple and Beats, as it’s not only useful when at home. It’s also important to have a longer range if you want your phone to stay in one spot at the gym and move around without it constantly in your pockets.

Better Android support

Headphones made by Apple are known for their popularity and high quality, but also for being a part of Apple’s walled garden. This means, amongst other things, that Android devices that wish to connect with Apple accessories will have limited support.

Fortunately, Beats headphones didn’t go all-in on becoming an Apple exclusive accessory. When paired with Android devices, the Beats Fit Pro retains all of its functionality including one-touch pair. Multi-device support is not available, nor is seamless switching between devices. The Android app has all the features, so you can still test the fit or customize the touch controls.

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It would be nice to see the next generation of smartphones be more inclusive, and bring their best features over to Android. Some of the devices are powered with Apple’s proprietary chip, so it may be difficult. However, there is a way to make it work. The only question is if Apple is ready to do it.

Beats Fit Pro photo 4

When will Beats Fit Pro 2 arrive?

The first generation Beats Fit Pro was launched in November 2021, more than two years ago. It is therefore time for an update to the headphones, especially in light of the rest Apple’s product portfolio. With the new chip H2, they should be equipped with an array of new features to make them better than the current model.


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We do not know the exact date of release for the next generation. Apple is not sure if it will update them, but since the Beats Fit Pros have been so well received, we are betting on this.

2024 seems to be a good time for an update. We heard rumors that new headphones would be available as early as CES 2024. Unfortunately, this did NOT happen, and no news about the next generation of headsets was revealed during the event. 2024 seems to be a reasonable year for a new update. Pocket-lint keeps you informed on the release date and performance of the new Beats Pro.

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