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Disney+ has begun cracking down on password-sharing in the US

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Disney+ has started to be stricter with password sharing In Canada last yearIt’s now expanding the restriction on the US. According to The VergeThe streaming service has sent emails to all its subscribers in the country informing them of a change to its terms of service. The service agreement states that users are not allowed to share their passwords with anyone outside their household, “unless otherwise authorized by [their]”Service tier” suggests the arrival of new subscriptions options in the future.

The VergeDisney+ said that subscribers can analyze their account usage to “determine compliance,” but did not elaborate on its exact methods. Disney+’s email stated that it would be adding restrictions to the sharing of accounts outside your household. It also explained how they might assess compliance. In its Service Agreement, Disney+ describes “households” as “the group of devices that are associated with each household”. [subscribers’]The primary residences of the individuals who live there.” The rule is already in effect for new subscribers. However, old subscribers will not feel the effects until March 14.

Hulu, Disney’s other streaming platform, was also launched recently. It’s cracking down on the sharing of passwords outside a subscriber’s “primary residence.” It used the same words in its warning, telling users that their accounts would be analyzed to determine compliance and that enforcement of the new rule would begin on March 14th.

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