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Joe Rogan reportedly earns another $250 million in Spotify money to share his outrageous ideas

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Everyone’s favorite former Fear Factor host Joe Rogan has This is likely to be worth at least $250 million. This is even more than his first deal in 2020. . There’s no information as to the length of Rogan’s new contract, but it has been defined as a “multiyear” continuation of his various podcast ventures.

Even better for Rogan’s bottom line? The deal allows Spotify to distribute Rogan’s podcasts on additional platforms, including a video version for YouTube. The contract stipulates that revenue will be shared based on the ad sales. This means that more money will go into the comedian’s pockets. There’s also an upfront minimum guarantee for the The financial amount remains unrevealed.

Spotify is reportedly looking to renegotiate contracts with content creators to offer them a better deal. lower minimum guaranteesRogan’s contract may not allow for publication on other platforms, such as YouTube. The company’s also planning on revising these contract terms to allow for publication on other platforms, like YouTube, which is exactly what it’s doing with Rogan here.

There’s also likely an audience number target threshold, as was the case with his 2020 deal. He’ll sail right past that, however, as The Joe Rogan Experience Even beating Travis Kelce, talking about Taylor Swift, and, sigh. The Tucker Carlson Podcast That’s the current top three.

Rogan is a constant source of controversy, despite bringing Spotify a ton of new listeners. He’s pushed a whole lot of ill-informed Covid nonsense throughout the years, which prompted for an update to Spotify’s misinformation policy. This led both to boycotts by users and creators. Neil Young was the most notable to pull his songs in protest.

Spotify By calling itself a “platform” and not a “publisher”. However, this new deal quite literally has the company publishing Joe Rogan’s podcasts on other platforms. It has also been publishing Rogan’s podcasts on its own platform since years.

There’s also the ever-present issue of how Spotify pays artists. The company is notoriously known for paying musicians very low wages. . This leads one to dream of a world where musicians get a tiny piece of that Rogan pie, but, alas, that’s not in the cards. Spotify set aside $100 million for podcasts and music diversity, but it ended up with nothing. Hey, it’s the thought that counts.

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