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Telefónica NFT Marketplace Features Fresh Batch of Collectibles

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Spanish telecom giant TelefónicaThe website has launched four new exclusive collections NFT Marketplace, a fusion of the worlds technology, art, digital collectability. 

Launched by 2021, the ‘Telefónica NFT Marketplace’The company’s roster is constantly expanding with exclusive collections from various artists and themes. 

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The Gamium x Telefónica collection offers 225 digital assets within Gamium’s Genésis Metaverse. These NFTs enable immersive experience creation and exploration. They provide users with access to 5 exclusive Gamium assets and 20 premium Gamium assets. 

Paysenger — known for its AI-driven content creation — is additionally set to introduce a collection of 50 unique NFTs available for free. Each NFT includes an exclusive gating to ensure that only Paysenger users can access it.

Adding to the excitement, Telefónica’s NFT Marketplace now features 8 distinct digital assets from The Crypto Hunters TV Show, an augmented reality series in the Web3 world where contestants compete for a $1 million prize by hunting cryptocurrency treasure. 

Creative Collections by Metacampus, a leading Web3 platform, further introduces 69 exclusive NFTs by the artist Lucas Levitán, featuring four humorous illustrations that capture the blockchain’s evolution.

With these latest NFT collections, Telefónica continues to bridge the gap between traditional telecom services and the burgeoning world of Web3, inviting users to delve into a realm where creativity and technology converge — vamos!

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